Buyers confront decisions consistently; however, few of the decisions offered in today’s markets do much else besides briefly address a need that creates differences. A shoe is a shoe, and a bag is a bag. Causes are what make any product unique. The key factor that separates these products from what Lexeeme has to offer is its creativity. Lexeme presents a progressive creation that improves the lives of its clients, yet intrigues them far and wide. The reality is that a consumer can gain more apart from the functionality of a product.  Lexeeme understands that consumers are faced with decision-making moments every day especially concerning the kind of products they need. The company does not only handle the need for making an easier choice in the bag and luggage industry but also a better and smarter choice in its well-rounded bag and luggage products. Lexeeme infuses functionality with technology in its astounding bag/luggage designs. It caters to young professionals in every field. In addition to this, the company further addresses key issues that include bestowing their products with multiple functions by incorporating technology, staying true to social responsibility, and having attainable objectives after commencing sales in 2022. 

Functionality and Features of the Bags 

Lexeeme uses cutting edge technology to embellish their bag designs which further improves the aesthetics of the design and increases their functionality. The company believes that having a product shouldn’t be just about making a choice for the product’s basic function but exceeding the customer’s expectation by offering more in terms of functionality, quality and aesthetics. 

The bags will feature a magnetic zipper meant to make closing the zipper easier. Lexeeme’s bags will also have a GPS tracker making it easy for you to locate the bag when you have misplaced it. The first line of bags to go to market in April 2022 will likely have fingerprint biometric locks. The locks will require the bag owners to use their fingerprint to open the bag. The aspects are a true reflection of how Lexeeme will embrace technology and functionality to give their customers more. 

Lexeeme Social Responsibility 

While most organizations focus on giving to society as their social responsibility, Lexeeme takes on a different approach. Their objective is to surpass beyond the ethos of their brand and fiscal responsibility. The company plans to propagate its social responsibility by facilitating the longevity and durability of their products. The strategy will in turn save on energy and the resources the company would use to make new products because of consumers’ demand. 

The company is also making efforts to incorporate a policy that advocates for sustainability. The phenomenon helps to reduce carbon footprint which harms the environment. In the proposed policy, the bags which will be brought back to the company would be bags that are recycled to make new products rather than being thrown away only to end up in the landfills. 

Lexeeme’s social responsibility also entails using eco-friendly shipping procedures which also contribute to reducing their carbon footprint. The ultimate scenario is an organization that employs superior engineering, commitment to social responsibility and a sustainable business model to conquer the backpack and luggage industry. 


Lexeeme is a luggage company that addresses numerous consumers needs by providing functionality, technological appeal and social responsibility which gives it a competitive edge 

With the three aspects namely functionality, social responsibility and achievable objectives, Lexeeme is optimistic that it can revolutionize the bag and luggage industry and retain a larger share in the market. Their research on the market decrees that there is not such a product that incorporates luxury, technology and functionality for its users. 


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